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Jobs in Social Media is  a social network and job board for those interested in working in the social media industry.

Due to the development of media, journalism industry’s organizational structure has been changed for a lot.  The website here which named Jobs in Social Media is more like a market place,  where every can join and start a discussion, search for candidates, or promote your expertise. It is a social media platform which people who work for social media or interested in social media can communicat with each othe freely.

Here are two videos from the website, which can be help if you are the first time to go to the website. It will show the most useful and interesting of this network, and be the guide to help you looking for the interets from this special communication website.

This is the first part of the website tutorial:

This is the second part of the website tutorial:

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what will faced in the first day for the social media manager

It is a video about social talent. I think it will really helpful for the new graduated students to know what should do and what they will face in the first day.

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Trinity Mirror cutting 75 jobs and what is future for newspaper?

Trinity Mirror announced that up to 75 full and part time jobs are to be cut at its national newspapers. It is said that this cut is caused by the economic challenges and “the technologic revolution facing the industry”. Trinity Mirror is hoping this cutting action can help them to save money this year.

According this reality, Greenslade published a post on Guardian, and state his worried for 2012 newspapers’ industry.

without wishing to appear to bless another tranche of redundancies at the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and The People, it must be obvious to all that it is the way of the world.

Most people are expected to leave voluntarily and it is to be hoped they pick up enough severance cash to ensure they can pay their mortgages for some time to come.

What many of them will know is that getting a replacement job is going to be very tricky indeed.

He expect both the British Association of Journalists (BAJ) and the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) will issue statements condemning the action.

More detail information please see checkout

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Social media tips

Social media tips are written by Jeff Hayzlett, who is the chief of KodakCB. He is a global business celebrity and former Fortune 100 c-suit executive. He is also the man who is executive producer of a number of global television projects and CElebrity Editor of the largest circulation social media and business magazines in the world. It can say that Jeff Hayzlett is the man who has the most working experience on social media.
In this book, the writer describes the social media landscape, list 10 social media tips, show the Kodak Tactics and explain Kodak’s social media policies. It is a recommended book for social media practitioners. This book is a amazing guide book for the social media practitioners. It supply the first-hand experiences using social media for the business.

More detail information please checkout

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What is community manager?

The role of community managers has been existed for years. Furthermore, due to the time of social media, community manager become the hottest keywords among the Linkedln. What is community manager? There is no one exactly correct answer. Everyone who take part in community has own explanation, and here is Karly Gaffney’s blog, and she also has her own definition of community.

In Karly Gaffney’s blog, she thought that community manager is a passionate strategic thinker who is a content creator and a moderator, a listener and informer. Community manager in her opinion is more like a role that encouraging conversation and engagement around product, brand, issue or cause.

However, it is just the understanding of what Karly Gaffney suggest the community manager to be. The actually definition of the job alter has not been verified and what actually will be asked in this position also changing with different situation.

More detail information please checkout

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What is social media manager?

Due to the variable use of Internet, social media has become one important part through our life. Social media manager is a hot topic in nowadays society. But, what is social media manager? There is no exactly answer for this question, and I can find the best explanation for this career is said by Blaise Grimes-Viort, who is the founder of

As we can see from the blog, the job specification of social media manager is asked to implement the company’s Social Media Strategy, developing brand awareness, generating inbound traffic and encouraging product adoption. Then according to social media manager’s internal marketing and PR work, the company can get a success among the network.

There will also publish the detail responsibilities and requires for this hot job. Social media practitioners who are interested in this challenge job can find specific requirements and find out whether self can afford the job.

Here is the web address for what Blaise think of social media manager, and if you have a look at this page, you can know better of this social media job.

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Blaise Grimes-Viort is the experienced social media strategist, having produced and implemented guidelines, policies, training courses and also is the founder of He has a lot of experience on social media because he has worked as community manager for about 10 years.

The blog he founded that named is aimed to create content of managing online communities and social media strategy. On his bolg blaisegv, there are a lot of online community management links supplied, and Blaise also list many useful resource on social media, the also contains the publishing of social media news, and analysis his experience of his different career.

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